Are You Seeking Open Expression And Harmony In Your Relationships?

Create Balanced, Loving & Harmonious Relationships Whilst Igniting Passion, Intimacy & Connection

The Conscious Relating program will guide you to a new and inspiring way of relating to yourself, to your beloved and to your loved ones.

This model is powerful in transforming mediocre, fear-based relationships into relationships of substance, evolution, truth and connection. From survival based relationships to thriving relationships.

There are four categories we can fall into when it comes to our personal dispositions and if we are wanting change in and for our relationships…

• We aren’t in a relationship and we wish to learn how to be comfortable, connected and in love with ourselves

• We are striving or desire to be in a relationship

• We are in a relationship and we wish to evolve deeper with ourself and our beloved

• We are in a relationship and we are uncertain of how to cultivate the courage needed to move beyond this relationship 

If the above resonates with you or you want to maximise the quality, interaction, depth and growth of your relationship, then this model will be of service to you in so many ways.

Stef Sifandos
Relational Alchemist, International Speaker and Change-maker

Evolve Your Being

When we are consciously relating we are choosing to evolve in such magnitude that we feel all-inspiring awe and bliss when we are fully connected to ourselves and to our beloved.

This model is an expansive and evolutionary model for relating to ourselves and to each other. We cannot help but grow and break unhealthy behaviours and leap into paradigms of being and belief that serve us and humanity tremendously.

We first apply the conscious relating model to ourselves. Once we have exposure to this way of being, we then integrate the methodologies, embodiment practices and postures in our loving and intimate relationships.

So, this model will speak in the tone of partnership and ‘the other’. But know intrinsically, that we must always speak to our ‘own soul’ first before making changes in other areas of life.

Is This Program For You?

Conscious Relating is a profound journey of depth and clarity, evolution and tremendous growth; it is a true embodiment of evolution for self and for our planet. There are three major types of relationships that this model serves:

  1. The relationship and journey to and into Self
  2. A relationship with an intimate partner
  3. All other relationships that ‘matter’

This program is targeted at individuals and couples wishing to embody sacred union with themselves and with each other who:

  • wish to express themselves in the highest manner possible

  • communicate with authentic vulnerability
  • traverse the depths of intimacy and profound connection
  • learn to consciously relate and communicate with sovereignty, reverence, trust and love
  • Be inspired by each other and by the unique and profound connection to themselves
  • Are in pursuit of healthy relating and longevity in their relationships
  • Attract, draw in and magnetise alignment in values, love and consciousness in their lives in the form of sacred union
  • Ready to next level their attraction, connection and evolution with each other
  • Deepen their personal and connected esoteric and sacred sexuality practices
  • Learn and / or deepen their practices in honouring and revering those in their lives
  • Embody magnificence and only wish to vibrate and think and feel in terms of abundance, clarity, wisdom and authenticity in their relationships
  • This and so much more…

The Key Principles Of Love

The empowering reason why we may wish to embody a posture of conscious relating is supported by three underlying principles:

Longevity and sustainability

We wish to embrace longevity in the quality of our relationships. We are not here for a short time. We are aiming to give and receive in equilibrated reciprocity. The purpose of a conscious relationship is to move into the relationship with an intention to be there, to be present and to remain in order to both gain.

Of course, not at the expense of our whole health or the health of our embodied reflection (our partner), but our intention is to engage in a love that is beyond the first stage of love.

Authentic depth and connection
Depth is the mantra of a conscious relationship. Swimming in the shallow end of love is not an option. This does not mean the relationship is nothing but serious and stern – not at all. It does mean however; that the superficial shall not suffice. It is quickly transcended and an exploration of self and the other transpires at depth.
The priority of the relationship is not the relationship. The priority of the relationship is growth. When we consciously relate we have transcended superficiality, we have gained the wisdom of this realm of being and we have taken that wisdom and moved in to a state of relating that is also beyond ourselves for the purposes of ourselves and the purpose of all sentient beings.
In conscious relating we simultaneously ask the following three questions of ourselves:

Am I and my beloved growing as a result of who I am, the decisions I make and how I show up in this relationship because of this dynamic?

Am I and my beloved growing as a result of who my beloved is, the decisions they make and how they show up in this relationship because of this dynamic?

Is our relationship affecting and inspiring the greater environment positively, meaningfully and lovingly? Are we of value to this world?

Conscious relating and growth is not about the idea of the relationship. It is about service to each other and all connected sentient beings.

The Three Stages Of Love

Conscious relationships and conscious relating reside in the realm of the infinite, of the possible, of the endearing, of the connected and of the spiritually mature. It resides in the third stage of love and connection and transits from the 1st and 2nd.

Often those that are in the third stage of love in relating have had to endure pain, deep revelation, an openness of heart and a morphing of the self in order to now reside in this space.

The First stage
Known as the honeymoon period, the first stage of love is largely driven by our neurochemicals that bond and unite us. We lack erotic and sexual intelligence in this stage and our hormones blind us. We lack executive mastery over ourselves and we lack the capacity to be discerning in the realm of our emotional literacy towards others and ourselves.

This stage of love is a polarised view of love and relating. We are only able to observe the ‘great’ attributes of the other. They can never do or be anything wrong. They can never hurt us, there is only love and there is only bliss.

We ignore the triggers, we suppress the negative, we are only focused on the short-term and immediate gratification the individual brings to us. We are not interested in anything else.

There is nothing wrong with this stage of love, but we must be aware of how it can blindside us if left unobserved. If we lack mastery over self, we get caught in the façade and fantasy of the relationship. The reality is that life occurs in duality and recognising this allows us to feel more, deeper and more authentically. It does not take away from the primal, sexual and beauty of the relationship, rather enhancing it and assuming a posture of openness instead of illusion.

The Second stage

Once the first stage of love settles and our physiology stabilises, we move in to the second stage of relating and love, which generally opens up our hearts. We feel the wounding here. We feel the deeper connection the other brings to us, in the manner in which they relate to us.

All intimate relationships are generally predicated upon the following premises: We will attract and reproduce experiences in our adult intimate relationships in accordance with both what we unconsciously and consciously received and did not receive from our primary care-givers during our formative years.

This is the importance of the relationships and attachment styles we forged as young children and how we developed our models of reality and paradigms of beliefs around expressing and receiving love and intimacy. In the second stage of relationships, once the polarised experience of the first stage has subsided we begin to (willingly or unwillingly for most) explore the meaning of this.

We are now attempting to heal and / or recreate meaningful experiences of value that we yearn for and need in order to feel whole and we achieve this through adult intimate partnerships. This is the power of intimate, sexual relationships.

Now, we can either be conscious, aware, awakened and enlightened in this space or we can be blind, ignorant, distant and in pain. The second stage of love can be painful, it is where most relationships come undone, breakdown and dissipate into nothingness.

We are massively triggered emotionally in this stage and for most it is profoundly overwhelming, for it is touching on deep-seated and often unresolved pain.

The magic here is that if both individuals are aware of this and commit to working through and moving through their pain points and deep fears and realise that it is part of the journey and that they can grow and bond through this at times traumatic experience, they will transcend in to the divine third stage of love.

A great deal of reverence, awareness and support is required here – and really the conscious relating model can have the most impact in this stage. This is where it can be applied with great efficiency and prowess. It is not an easy undertaking or commitment to hold each other through each other’s emotional pain and triggers, but such deep growth and healing can occur from doing so.

The Third stage

In reference to consciously relating, we are in a maintenance / growth stage. Here, in this stage of love we are have moved through the bulk of our pain and we are now consciously choosing to spend our lives together and have immersed with clarity in to the ability to ask the three questions around growth as mentioned above.

We are in deeper service to humanity, the Earth and all sentient beings. Our relationship serves our growth but primarily the growth of all humanity. Our relationship contributes to the greater good because of how we consciously choose to show up in the relationship.

This is our power; this is our focus in the third stage of love. The conscious relating model assists us in moving in to the third stage of love and being fully connected to our authentic power, our truth and our purpose.

That then is the power of consciously relating – it is to bring us to place of transcended awakening and clarity, where ignorance, division and disconnection collapse in and on itself in order to experience sacred union and heal past wounds, trauma and inhibitions.

Who Do You Wish To Be?

The Conscious Relating Program & Model moves towards asking profoundly deep and connected question of ourselves and of our beloved. Below are some:

• Who are we?
• Who do we wish to be?
• Why are we in this relationship?
• How can we be of service to each other, our loved ones and humanity?
• How can we evolve ourselves in this relationship?
• What are or greatest values in this relationship?
• Are we truly embodying what it means to be in Sacred Union?
• What is sacred union?
• What do I truly desire in intimacy and am I living this truth?
• Is our relationship balanced and am I balanced within?
• Do my / our actions demonstrate care, nurturing, trust, compassion, authenticity and empowerment?
• What do I need to experience truth in abundance and love, intimacy and grace?
• What does my ideal partnership ‘look’, feel and behave like?
• And so much more…

The ethos, philosophy, principles, teachings, skills and attitudes developed and frameworks of The Conscious Relating Program and Model assist us in shifting our beliefs around relationships. We transform ourselves, our ideas, ideals, beliefs and behaviours around what a conscious, enriching relationship is. We begin to truly know that relationships can be and feel whole, connected, intimate, safety in vulnerability, free and ever evolving.

These 12 guiding principles that all come with extensive life-long and daily embodiment practices (neurological – neuro-empowerment, attitudinal, behavioural, spiritual, relational and emotional) truly assist us in creating sustainable transformation and transmutation in posture, expression and the encapsulation of sacredness in relationship.

What You Will Learn

The Conscious Relating course is organised into 12 modules. Each module includes an immersive video training by Stef Sifandos and a reflective workbook. You will also be a part of a mastermind community to share and learn with like-minded souls.

Module 1 Self-Gnosis

In this principle we explore the value of understanding, knowing, connecting to and intuitively feeling all that we are. The greater we ‘know’ ourselves the deeper and more profound we feel our relationships.

We are discerning, clear and open in who we are and what we seek. We attract the best of what we need in complete alignment. In this principle we open ourselves to discovering the tools we need in order to grow and relate consciously through the lens of being connected to self in profound wisdom.

Module 2 Varied Intimacy & Depth

This principle takes us to a place within self and within our relationships that very few know about. We explore the 11 forms of intimacy in greater depth and begin to understand the value of intimacy and how it lends itself to the conscious relating model.

We learn why exploring and practicing varied intimacy is a foundation for improving our relationships, opening our hearts and enhancing our connection to each other.

Module 3 Authentic Vulnerability

True vulnerability allows us to know each other. When we feel safe enough to express our truth, we are guided towards allowing others to do the same. In this principle we uncover the art and sacredness involved in practiced authentic vulnerability, whilst allowing ourselves to and others to be fully seen, felt, heard and known becomes one of the greatest gifts we can give each other in intimate union.

Module 4 Conscious Communication

There are healthy practices that connect us and there are practices that divide us. Learning the rules, principles and secrets of what it means to consciously communicate allows us to lead and live fuller lives, lives of meaning, fulfilment, happiness and joy. We live less in fear, confusion and doubt and more in joy, clarity, openness and connectedness. We unpack the most effective way to consciously communicate, whilst ensuring we get what we need from each meaningful relationship we cultivate for ourselves.

Module 5 Safety, Trust & Consistency

Without trust, we cannot cultivate safety and without safety, we cannot be vulnerable. Vulnerability allows us to experience magic in our relationships that we never thought possible. When we are in fear or feel unsafe, hormonally we are imbalanced and in a state of induced hyper-alertness, stress and tension; neurologically we are misfiring; physiologically we are not digesting and our nervous system is shot; and psycho-emotionally we are sad, defensive and in distress. We learn how to alleviate these volatile states and further explore the techniques and strategies required to build and maintain trust and safety in any relationship, whilst embracing a full-bodied posture of openness.

Module 6 Fun – Play – Magic

We often forget that our natural and most desirable state of being is to be immersed in lightness, an open heart, a vivid and curious mind and an engaged body. In this principle we discover the ways to make life fun again – to open to the magic that relationships can create and we learn how to guide ourselves and our loved ones through a space of connecting through humour, play and fun. All according to our highest values and alignment in the love that we share.

Module 7 Effort – Nurture – Support

We often negate the importance of applied and intimate effort. We forget how maintaining quality, extraordinary or exceptional relationships require attention, time, exposure, energy and deliberate intention. We service our vehicles on a schedule, wash our clothes regularly, brush our teeth daily, yet we often become complacent when it comes to maintaining or choosing to consciously evolve the depth and breadth of our relationships.

In this principle we debunk the myths around effort and ‘hard work’ in relationships, identify the insights required to reignite (or ignite) your love and provide tools for transformation in the realm of connecting and sacredness in intimacy.

Module 8 Explored Sexuality

Sexuality is sacred and is grounded in connection to self and in deepened sacred union with another. This principle allows us to explore a fundamental component of knowing self, whilst also opening us up to safe and uninhibited exploration of our beloved.

We begin to truly grasp the notion of physical and sexual intimacy conceptually, psychologically, relationally and practically. In this principle we observe the role of past trauma and we allow ourselves to feel without judgement. We break down what authentic sexual expression means for us, whilst then being confident and courageous enough to express that to our beloved.

Module 9 I ‘See’ & ‘Know’ You

The most powerful posture and the most profound gift to give anyone, especially those you sincerely and deeply care for, is the ability to see them for who they are, exactly as they are. To embody this with minimal filter, complete presence and deep clarity.

We learn how to open this posture up within ourselves and within others. We are then able to observe the almost immeasurable benefits, insights and transformative impact that this practice can have on the depth and quality of our relationships.

Module 10 Heart-Growth Connection

This is a practice that can truly revolutionise your relationship. That can uplift, evolve, grow and transform your relationship from one of the mundane to one of exception. We learn how to move away from polarisation of self, our beloved and emotions and move towards a whole posturing of who we are.

This means learning the skills to be open to what is without judgement, so that we main benefit in gaining the most accurate insight in to our situation with minimal bias. The intentional practice of this art brings us closer together like we could of never imagined.

Module 11 Space & Reverence

We learn and adopt the skills required to allow us to revere ourselves first and foremost. So, what is required in order for us to engage and embody authentic self-love so that we may relate to ourselves with truth, transparency and openness?

But then to also learn how to revere those we love and to engage in the skills required to fully feel the truth of another. Space refers to intimately knowing your beloved in such a way that we cultivate an intuitive understanding of what each other needs are at any given point. We discover how to adopt this in our everyday lives.

Module 12 History

So important prior to committing and entering the depths of any relationship, we breakdown what is required to ‘know’, feel and understand the other fully prior to immersion in to an intimate partnership. Too many of us ask the ‘wrong’ questions and get caught up in the superficial when it comes to relationships.

We remain in the superficial and therefore negate the realm of consciousness. We learn how to step into courage in order to express our truth, whilst learning to immerse in to a state of query that is of great alignment.


Stef Sifandos

Stef is a relational alchemist, international speaker, author and change-maker dedicated to helping you create a life of meaning and purpose.

Through a series of simple and often life-changing practices, Stef helps you cultivate a deeper connection with your authentic Self. In turn, you have the opportunity and power to dramatically transform your relationships and your whole life.

Stef has traversed the depths of pain, addressed his own fears profoundly, has overcome destructive patterns and has faced multiple ‘ego deaths’. By restructuring and reframing his own masculinity and movement through the world as a man relating to himself, women and his purpose, Stef has discovered and created methodologies for navigating the often difficult path of manhood.

Stef believes that we all deserve meaningful, harmonious and authentic relationships. When we are disconnected from Self we create pain and lose hope. It is Stef’s mission to help you reconnect with your truth, and empower you to create the abundant life that you deserve.

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Stef is an avid international speaker, specialising in conscious evolution and cultivating healthy relationships.

Stef empowers awakening souls across the globe break through limiting beliefs and connect to their true essence.

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